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EVER AFTER A Nantucket Brides Novel by Jude Deveraux

Praise for Jude Deveraux’s Ever After

“A sweet cast of supporting characters rooting for the lovers adds zest and humor to this
thoroughly pleasurable novel.” –Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

“Best-selling Deveraux’s fans will relish the closing installment in her Nantucket Brides series, which features many of her trademarks—a sensual love story, a touch of the supernatural, and members of the sprawling Taggert clan…The combination of a popular setting, likable characters, and happy endings
for all make this another winner from this prolific author.” –Booklist

“Deveraux saves the best for last in the final installment of the Nantucket Brides trilogy…
This sexy, lighthearted romp brings the series to a satisfying close.” –Kirkus

New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s wildly popular Nantucket Brides trilogy concludes with, EVER AFTER (Ballantine Hardcover, on sale June 23, 2015).

EVER AFTER opens with physical therapist Hallie Hartley working overtime to take care of her spoiled stepsister, Shelly, after the untimely death of their parents. When she learns of a house on Nantucket bequeathed to her by a mysterious ancestor and Shelly’s plans to steal it, Hallie throws caution to the wind, taking on the house and a physical therapy client who comes with it―the handsome and troubled Jamie Taggert. Their mutual attraction is undeniable, but if they want to be together, they need answers first―why can’t Jamie sleep through the night without terrors and why was Hallie left the house in the first place?

Susan Elizabeth Phillips agrees readers of Jude Deveraux are in for “a very late night turning the pages straight through to the delicious end!” EVER AFTER delivers all the elements of a spellbinding love story—secrets and surprises abound every step of the way.

Jude Deveraux is the author of more than forty New York Times bestsellers including Moonlight in the Morning and A Knight in Shining Armor. She was honored with a Romantic Times Pioneer Award in 2013 for her distinguished career.

EVER AFTER A Nantucket Brides Novel by Jude Deveraux
Ballantine Hardcover | 978-0-345-54185-7 | On Sale June 23 |$27.00 | 368 pages

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Spotlight: Jesse's Girl by Miranda Kenneally

About the Book (#musicismylife):
Everyone at Hundred Oaks High knows that career mentoring day is a joke. So when Maya said she wanted to be a rock star, she never imagined she’d get to shadow the Jesse Scott, Nashville’s teen idol.

But spending the day with Jesse is far from a dream come true. He’s as gorgeous as his music, but seeing all that he’s accomplished is just a reminder of everything Maya’s lost: her trust, her boyfriend, their band, and any chance to play the music she craves. Not to mention that Jesse’s pushy and opinionated. He made it on his own, and he thinks Maya’s playing back up to other people’s dreams. Does she have what it takes to follow her heart—and go solo?

Order Links:

About the Author:

Growing up in Tennessee, MIRANDA KENNEALLY dreamed of becoming an Atlanta Brave, a country singer (cliché!), or a UN interpreter. Instead she writes and works for the State Department in Washington, D.C., where George W. Bush once used her shoulder as an armrest. Miranda loves Twitter, Star Trek and her husband. Visit www.mirandakenneally.com, and follow Miranda @MirandaKennealy & www.facebook.com/miranda.kenneally.


As much as I love music, I am generally not a fan of country. I don’t like banjos. I don’t like sappy lyrics about trucks and hauling hay. Dolly Parton is my mortal enemy—my mom plays “Jolene” over and over and over and over, and it makes me want to chop my ears off like van Gogh. Yeah, yeah, I’m from Tennessee, where it’s a crime if you don’t love country, but I like deep, rumbling beats and singing loud and fast and hard. I do not like closing my eyes and crooning to a cow in the pasture. Yet here I am at a Jesse Scott concert, getting ready to meet him and to see if he’ll let me shadow him next Friday.

My school requires every senior to “shadow” a professional for a day. It’s their way of helping us figure out what kind of career we want. Like, if you want to be president when you grow up, you might get to shadow the mayor. Want to be a chef? Have fun kneading dough at the Donut Palace. When I said “I want to be a musician,” I figured they’d send me to work in the electronics section at Walmart.

I certainly never expected to shadow the king of country music.

It turns out that Jesse Scott is my principal’s nephew. Jesse won TV’s Wannabe Rocker when he was ten and has gone on to become very successful. In sixth grade, every girl in class—myself included—took the Teen Beat quiz: “Would Jesse Scott Like Your Kissing Style?” (Obviously the answer was yes.) In middle school, I had a Jesse Scott poster on my ceiling. It’s hard to believe he’s only eighteen, because he’s already won three Grammys. When he was younger, his songs were about family, fishing, and playing baseball, but lately they’re about love and making love and all things sexy.

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan anymore, but I would never give up an opportunity to learn from a professional with such a gorgeous, pure voice. I want to learn what it’s like to perform day in and day out. Despite what everyone and their mom says—that I’ll struggle as a musician—all I want is to play guitar in front of a crowd and hear people cheer for me.

I can’t believe I’m backstage at the Grand Ole Opry! I bounce on my toes. Jesus, is that an archtop Super 4, the model Elvis played? I’ve never seen one in real life. It probably cost more than my house. I’m ogling the guitar when Jesse Scott comes out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel. He pads across the room to the couch, wearing nothing but a pair of rugged jeans with more holes than Swiss cheese. The lighting is dim, and he doesn’t seem to notice I’m here, which is good, because I’ve moved from ogling the guitar to ogling him.

Who wouldn’t? He was one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” and it is a truth universally acknowledged that you should stare at people who’ve made that list. The guy’s gorgeous. Like in the boy-next-door way. His wet, wavy, brown hair curls around his ears and nearly hits his shoulders, and while he doesn’t have a six-pack or anything, his body is fit. I wish he’d look my way so I can see his famous brown eyes. They always remind me of those caramel chews Poppy gives me when I visit. Jesse has some sort of Gaelic symbol tattooed on his left shoulder blade. I want to reach out and trace the design.

God, get ahold of yourself, Maya. Don’t be a horndog. Besides, he’s so not my type. I don’t do pretty boys.

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Guest post - Jessica Lemmon author of the upcoming book If You Dare

About If You Dare:

He'll make her a bet she can't refuse...

Lily McIntire is in the creepiest mansion in town. Alone. At night. Because she's  an idiot-and can't ignore a dare from her cocky and infuriatingly hot co-worker, 

Marcus Black. But she'll be damned if she's going to give him the satisfaction of  winning.

Marcus has had a thing for Lily for ages, and he has no intention of losing this  bet. His plan? Scare her out of the house, and into his arms. Once there, scaring  her turns into protecting her and soon after, into seducing her. 

And his plan is working...

Lily is having trouble relegating Marcus to the role of "asshat" as easily as before. 

He came to her rescue, and he's actually funny. Charming. Sexy as sin on a  stick. But Lily has a strict no-love-in-the-workplace rule, and even one night of the best sex ever won't make her change her mind. So she's calling everything off...

Surviving a night in the mansion might just be the easy part. Surviving Marcus's increasingly convincing advances is going to take everything she has. 

Losing is not an option...

NOTE: This title was previously published November 2013 on Flaunt as a novella but has been significantly revised and lots of yummy new scenes added to give readers a full-length category romance full of humor and sizzle.

Buying links: Amazon B&N


Hi everyone, 

so today we have a guest post with the lovely Jessica Lemmon, who was very nice to answer my

questions regarding her writing process and her new book. This guestpost is a part of her tour 

celebrating her new book If You Dare (Note: this title was previously published November 2013 as a 

novella, but now it went through lots of revisions and had new scence added!)

Now, I prestent to you - Jessica Lemmon!!!

Hi Sharon!

Thank you for having me today. :)

1. How do you write your heroes?

Alpha, sexy, and with a soft spot for the heroines. In Marcus’s case in IF YOU

DARE, he’s a hot, joker of a playboy with a knee-weakening crush on his

coworker, Lily. The banter was the most fun part of writing him!

2. Do you find it hard to write heroes?

I find it awesome to write heroes! I love to dive into their heads and figure out

why they do the things they do.

3. Which do you prefer to write—heroes or heroines? 

I love the hero’s POV, sometimes even more than the heroine’s. Especially

when the hero is acting like a tough guy on the outside, but is goo on the


4. What is your process when creating a character?

Often, I start with a line of dialog, or just a scene idea. With Marcus and Lily in

particular, I loved the idea of the bet, and him trying to scare her out of the

“haunted” house. He fails so epically and it’s fun to watch. I also like to make

a Pinterest board with ideas for what a character looks like. It really helps to

refer back to my boards to get the “feeling” of the book just right. Sometimes I

do a playlist as well. (in the case of IF YOU DARE, I did both).

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Spotlight: Dave vs. The Monsters : Ascendance by John Birmingham

For fans of Jim Butcher and Kevin Hearne comes the final book in a heart-pounding urban fantasy series featuring monster slayer Dave Hooper and his magical splitting maul

John Birmingham’s ASCENDANCE: DAVE VS. THE MOSNTERS (Del Rey Mass Market; On Sale 6/30) is the third book in an action-packed urban fantasy series featuring the tough, bald, bleakly funny, down-on-his luck oil rigger Dave Hooper…who has an unlikely destiny as a monster-slayer and savior of the planet.

Kids, there are no monsters under the bed. They’re in the front yard.
As a hardworking monster-slayer, Dave Hooper tries not to bring his work home with him. But nowadays it’s hard to keep them separate. Email, cell phones, empath daemons, they never let a guy rest.
The Horde has been raising hell and leveling cities from New York to Los Angeles, keeping Dave and his fellow monster-killer, Russian spy Karin Varatschevsky, very busy. But when the legions of hell invade the small seaside town his boys call home, Dave has to make a call. Save the world? Or save his family?
Not as easy a choice as you’d think, since Dave’s ex-wife expects to be saved too. And there’s no convincing her that the super sexy Russian spy isn’t his girlfriend. She’s just his sidekick—and an assassin.
 ASCENDANCE is an action-packed satire novel from one of the biggest talents in urban fantasy today.
 John Birmingham is the author of EmergenceResistanceAscendanceAfter AmericaWithout WarningFinal Impact, Designated TargetsWeapons of Choice, and other novels, as well as Leviathan, which won the National Award for Nonfiction at Australia’s Adelaide Festival of the Arts, and the novella “Stalin’s Hammer: Rome.” He has written for The Sydney Morning HeraldRolling StonePenthousePlayboy, and numerous other magazines. He lives at the beach with his wife, daughter, son, and two cats.

Ascendance: Dave vs. the Monsters by John Birmingham
Del Rey Mass Market 
 On Sale: June 30, 2015  978-0-345-53991-5  $9.99  400 pages

So, I have to admit this cover is really good, it makes it more like a UF and with that name I just get a Dresden vibe, this is the last book of the trilogy that. Now, I know it's not exactly like that but still he slays fucking monsters - how much cooler could it be? ;)

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Spotlight: Game On by Gabra Zackman [FYI]

Out of the gates with GAME ON!  

GAME ON is a thrilling romantic caper filled with double crosses, gadgets, and just the right amount of heat…Zackman’s debut mixes romance, pop culture, and espionage into a page-turner that plays with expectations. Readers will find a fast-paced story that is equal parts action and romance.”
—Library Journal

GAME ON is delightfully intriguing…Gabra Zackman interweaves the best of comedic romances plus zany adventures to create a constantly entertaining story…This is only the first book in the Bod Squad series, and I am eager to see the types of exploits that await this group of extraordinary individuals. GAME ON is imaginative and appealingly different.”
—Single Titles

Part caper, part romantic comedy, the hilariously entertaining book GAME ON by Gabra Zackman is first in the Bod Squad series, featuring a sassy and sexy undercover operative, Susannah “Legs” Carter, and her Ocean’s Eleven–style team of private investigators

Gabra Zackman
Pocket Star Ebooks
April 6, 2015

From Washington, DC, to Paris, Legs is tailing Charles Oakley Palmer III, a white-collar criminal she’s determined to bring to justice. But will romance or betrayal blossom along the way? Find out in the first in a sizzling new series about a team of highly skilled investigators who go undercover to catch criminals—while juggling romance, world travel, and danger around every corner.

Debut author and actor Gabra Zackman knows romance.  GAME ON was inspired by the more than one hundred romance and women’s fiction titles that Zackman has narrated for audio. She divides her time between her native New York City and Denver, Colorado. @GabraZackman

Upcoming Bod Squad titles: All In will publish on July 13, 2015 and Double Down will publish on November 2, 2015

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Girl from Above: Betrayal by Pippa Dacosta

Name: Girl From Above: Betrayal
Author: Pippa Dacosta
Series: The 1000 Revolution
Publisher: Self Published by Pippa Dacosta
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Number of Pages: 179
Rating: 5 awesome stars!

"My name is #1001, and I am not ready to die." I’d only just begun to live.

When Captain Caleb Shepperd is released from prison, all he wants to do is keep his head down and earn a living smuggling illegal cargo through the nine systems. So when a synth stows away on his ship, and brings with her a crap-ton of problems, including guilt-ridden secrets he thought he’d escaped, he’d prefer to toss her out the airlock. The problem is, she’s priceless tech, and he’s fresh out of credit. 

#1001 is not meant to exist. Created for a single purpose, she has one simple order: to kill. But not everything is as it seems. Buried deep inside, she remembers... Remembers when she was human. And she remembers what Shepperd did to her. She’s not ready to die, but she is ready to kill. 

From the bestselling author of the Veil Series comes an action packed story of love, redemption, and revenge. 

Pippa DaCosta captures the grit and realism of her urban fantasy stories and injects it, along with some down-and-dirty passion, into the sci-fi genre. 

WARNING: 18+ only. Contains graphic adult content, including sex, drug use, violence, and a plethora of curse words. Not for the easily offended.


"The storm still raged. And nothing had changed, except

there was one less man in the world. "

This book is made of awesome. Really, I was a little skeptic at the beginning but after a few chapters in I knew this was going to be good. 

So naturally, I became alert- I was waiting for the book to screw up, and I knew excatly how it would happen. You see, #1001 is a synthetich human being- she follows orders. Which is why I was sure I would not grow to like her, also, I was sure I would not grow to like the other characters presented- 

a. Caleb - the criminal, the smuggler, the fixer. Dark past, dark soul and a darker future- I wasn't surprised what he was hiding, but damn it! I still don't know what he really feels! I mean, I think he loved someone and I think he's sorry for his deeds but he played with me so well. He is quite smart. 
At first I was sure he was just a jerky jerk. Then he so he had some human decency (Once in a full moon but still), then he told us something about his past and I said- OK you know what? I don't give a fuck. 
But then he let me into his dreams and memories and told me another thing about himself and I was like: "OK, wait a minute, I think I'm feeling something in my chest- it's warm and it hurts a little"
Then he said another thing and I just went like: OH MY *Kaboom*
But of course then he had to go and shatter me to little pieces almost saying, but not actually saying, he played me. 
And. of course he had to finish it with a killer line that left me wondering- So was he? Wasn't he? 

Gosh!!! What will happen next????

"I used to believe stars were wishes, that if we reached 

them, our dreams would come true. But the stars will 

always be out of reach, and no amount of dreaming will 

capture them."

B. Fran- I really don't like her, but I love to not like her, I feel just a little for her but she might get in my way somewhere in the future so we are keeping her on a low burner. Until my heart is safe and the couple I shiped is togethe I am going to be really careful about this one.
But besides this? She really is fantastic- she's talented, smart and just fun to read about (and she has depth). 

C. Bran- Well, he still needs to do some growing and I wonder what's going on with him but he has so much potential! 

D. Hayley- This girl, we don't see a lot of her but I can tell you this she's the stuff of heroes! she seems smart, and sad, and kind, and brave and just a little stupid but I really can't blame her for that stupidity because it really just was bad luck and not her fault.

E. #1001- So yeah, she was going to be my bigger problem. I was sure I'll have one hard time liking and relating to her, but damn, she got me. I'm the head of her fan club right now. I really can't wait to see her grow even more- I love her voice, I love her actions, I love her cold side and I love her human side. God, Girl I fucking Love You!

"He made me crazy, made me stupid, made me happy. "

All I have to say is that this book is AMAZING, yeah, it made me a fan-girl. I mean, sure it is sci-fi but you know what makes a book really good no matter the genre? The human relationships, the characters and their humanity and the human problems and the human fragility. This book has them all- I know it happens somewhere in a galaxy far far away in some far away future I dare not dream about- but the feelings, the problems at their core, the relationship and the people they are already here, they always were. Since the very beginning of the human race. 

Pippa Dacosta thank you so much for providing me a digital copy through NetGalley. I really enjoyed every minute of it and it wasn't easy writing this review trying to be careful not to expose much of the plot. 

So, who do I have to bribe to get my hands on the second book? really I'll do who ever and what ever it takes. LOL. Seriously though. I mean it. 

Else someone will get hurt, #1001 taught me some really cool moves! 

"You were my wish "

Right! I just rememeber something those action scenes were really good, just yum. 

If I did buy you with that did I mention the raw and really good writing? No? so you know now. Go and read it! Now! 

(especially since it's 0.99$ only right here)

A digital copy was provided in echange for an honest review.

This review is also on: GoodReads

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Can the world be saved by Sir Conan Doyle, Lewis Carroll and H.G. Wells? 
....There's only one way to find out! Discover how novelist Felix J. Palma concocts this one-of-a-kind adventure! 


Félix J. Palma

Publishers Weekly raves:
“Palma displays a deft hand with this diverse group of characters and genres, blending them effortlessly into a fantastic yarn”

Kirkus calls it:
“Palma’s newest delightful puzzler”

And Booklist says:
Palma delivers some of his best work in the third and final installment in the Map trilogy…a sprawling, fantastical adventure, sprinkled with factual events and literary figures. Reads well as a stand alone”

When the person he loves the most dies under tragic circumstances, the protagonist of Map of Chaos turns to the most renowned medium of all times to speak with her one last time. The experience, however, unleashes a terrible force that brings the world to the edge of destruction. The only salvation lies in a lost book called the Map of Chaos. In his desperate search for it, he is given invaluable help by Sir Conan Doyle, Lewis Carroll and H.G. Wells, whose Invisible Man has escaped the pages of his famous novel to sow terror among mankind. Only they can discover the means to save the world and find a way of reuniting the lovers separated by death.

Time travel, Victorian-age spiritualism and the perfect cocktail of facts and fantasy equal a spellbinding adventure! Felix J. Palma proves once again why he has been branded a “master of ingenious plotting” (Kirkus) !

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Spotlight: The Six by Mark Alpert

The Six
By Mark Alpert
Sourcebooks Fire
Advance Praise for Mark Alpert
“Adam is an unusual hero—and he faces a frightening question: Computers can’t kill—CAN they? I’m still shaken by the answer. Will the near-future really be this terrifying?” —R.L. Stine, bestselling author of the Goosebumps and Fear Street series
“An exciting action story chock-full of characters you’ll love. The Six is full of big ideas, big questions, real science, and things that will make you think and wonder and lie awake late at night.” —Michael Grant, New York Times bestselling author of the Gone series
“The Six are introduced as terminally-ill teens, but there’s plenty of high-speed action in which they engage. Their physical disabilities and limitations through disease are forgotten as the teens’ hearts, minds, and personalities shine through...questions of principle, power, and possibility keep this look at our modern, hardwired existence fresh and fascinating.” STARRED Booklist
“Alpert's exploration of neuromorphic electronics raises interesting questions about ethics, technology, and human nature…a haunting ending scene will leave readers pondering the line between progress and loss. A thought-provoking clash between humanity and machinery.”- Kirkus Reviews
“A well-researched, hardcore science-fiction joyride, great for fans of first-person shooter video games like Halo and Destiny. Highly recommended” –School Library Journal
“Do not just read The Six; make your friends read it too.” –VOYA Magazine
Avatar meets The Terminator in this thrilling cyber-tech adventure…
Book Info:
Adam’s muscular dystrophy has taken his motility, his friends, and in a few short years, it will take his life. He takes solace in playing video games he’s programmed to reflect the life that he used to have. Virtual reality is the one realm where he can be the hero, and it’s where he chooses to spend his time, until an entity called Sigma tries to kill him.
A dangerously advanced artificial intelligence program created by Adam’s computer-genius father, Sigma has escaped its cyber prison and is threatening global destruction and domination. But Adam’s father has a plan. He will stop Sigma by using the technology he developed to digitally preserve the mind of his dying son.
Adam’s consciousness is uploaded into the body of a weaponized robot, along with a group of five other gifted teens who are terminally ill. Together, they must learn how to manipulate their new mechanical forms and prepare for combat before Sigma destroys humanity. Adam can finally play the hero for real, but will his new body be worth the sacrifice of his human existence?
This innovative and thought-provoking young adult debut, from the critically acclaimed author of adult thrillers Final Theory and The Omega Theory, questions what it means to be human and whether we are destined to be defined by our physical bodies or our intellect.  
Amazon | AppleB&N | BAM | !ndigo |  IndieBound | Kindle |  Nook

Mark Alpert:
Mark Alpert is a former editor at Scientific American, and the author of several adult thrillers. He’s been praised by Douglas Preston as the “heir to Michael Crichton.” Visit Mark online at markalpert.com.
Excerpt from The Six:
Shannon rears back in her seat as if she’s been slapped. “And where are you going to store the copies of our brains?” Her voice is furious. “In a supercomputer? A big electronic prison?”
Dad doesn’t take offense. He answers her calmly. “The scanning process converts human intelligence to a digital form, allowing it to run on any neuromorphic computer that has enough memory and processing power. But in the initial stage right after the transfer, we believe it’s important to connect the intelligence to a machine that can move around and sense the outside world. A human intelligence is accustomed to controlling a body, so if we want to preserve its sanity, we’d better give it something to control. Here, let me show you.”
He puts the vial of nanoprobes back in his pocket and pulls out something else, a small remote--control device. He points it at the doorway beside the stage, and a moment later I hear a loud clanking. The noise startles the soldiers standing by the doorway. They step backward, flattening themselves against the wall. Then a seven--foot--tall robot emerges from the doorway and brushes past them.
The robot strides across the stage. It has two arms and two legs, but otherwise it isn’t very humanlike. It has no head or neck. Its torso is shaped like a giant bullet, with the rounded end on top. Its legs angle downward from the base of its torso and rest on oval steel--plate footpads that clang against the floor.
The machine marches briskly past the podium and stops in front of my dad, who presses a button on his remote control. This command extends the robot’s arms, which telescope to a full length of six feet. They look like multi--jointed tentacles. The machine’s hands, though, resemble human hands, with dexterous mechanical fingers and thumbs.
Dad presses another button, and the robot’s rounded top starts to turn like a turret. “The cameras and acoustic sensors are up here,” Dad says, pointing at the top end. “But the neuromorphic electronics are deep inside the torso, encased in armor plating. These robots were originally designed for the war in Afghanistan, so they’re pretty sturdy.” He raps his knuckles against the torso. “All in all, it’s an excellent platform for a newly transferred intelligence, but really it’s just the beginning. The whole point of the Pioneer Project is to bridge the gap between man and machine, and that means the human intelligences must explore their new environment. The Pioneers will have to learn how to use their new capabilities, and that includes transferring their intelligences from one machine to another.”
His voice grows louder again, full of enthusiasm. “Once the Pioneers have mastered these tasks, our hope is that they’ll be able to establish a connection with Sigma. If all goes well, they’ll start communicating with the AI before it launches any of the Russian missiles. And then the toughest challenge will begin. At the same time that the humans are learning how to be machines, they’ll have to teach Sigma how to be human.”

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Spotlight: The Escape by Hannah Jayne

The Escape
Hannah Jayne
 ISBN: 9781492616542
Book Information
Title: The Escape
Author: Hannah Jayne
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire


Not everyone who goes into the woods comes out…
It was supposed to be a short hike, a way for Fletcher and Adam to kill time one boring afternoon. But when day turns into night and neither boy returns home, their town is thrown into turmoil.
Search teams comb through the forest. Then Avery, the police chief’s daughter, stumbles on a body. It’s Fletcher- disoriented, beaten, and covered in blood. He has no memory of the incident, and worse yet, he has no idea what happened to the still missing Adam…
As danger and suspicion grow, one thing becomes very clear. No one can escape the truth.
Goodreads Link: http://ow.ly/O8nyU
Buy Links:
Barnes & Noble- http://ow.ly/O8pN4  
Books a Million- http://ow.ly/O8q0m
!ndigo- http://ow.ly/O8sq4    
IndieBound- http://ow.ly/O8sEg    

About the Author:
Hannah Jayne is possibly the only person living in Silicon Valley who has never worked in high tech. When she’s not writing, she’s obsessively watching HGTV or shopping at Target…also obsessively. Find out more about Hannah’s urban fantasy, young adult thrillers, and latest obsessions at hannah-jayne.com.

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Excerpt from THE ESCAPE by Hannah Jayne:
“Hello?” she called out. “This is Avery Templeton with Search Team Five. Hello?”
The silence was complete, except for the steady thump of Avery’s heart. She took a step forward and slid on the loose earth, tumbling forward onto her hands and knees. Rocks tore skin and the knees of her jeans as she slid. When she stopped- eight, ten feet at the most- she was breathing heavily, her mind reeling. She did a quick assessment for damage. Other than the sting on her palms, nothing hurt.
So why was there blood on her hands?
She brought her hands towards her face and grimaced as the streaks of rust-colored blood-congealed, dirt stained-that covered her palms.
She wasn’t bleeding.
This wasn’t her blood.
It was then that she heard the slow gurgle, the sparse intake of breath followed by a low, throaty whisper. “Avery, you have to help me.”
Avery stared at the figure lying in front of her, allowing her eyes to adjust to the dim light.
The word came out in a desperate hiss, and he clasped a muddy, blood-caked hand around her wrist, his grip limp, his fingers trembling.
She gasped. “Fletcher?”

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